The Comfy is an established online retailer specializing in comfortable and cozy clothing for both men and women. The brand aims to provide customers with high-quality, stylish apparel that prioritizes comfort and relaxation. Their product range includes hoodies, blankets, and accessories, all designed to create a cozy experience. 


Increase in Performance Scores


Increase in Performance Scores


Improvements Seen in 29 days

The Challenge

The Comfy's Site struggled with low performance scores, poor user experience, reduced search engine visibility, decreased conversion rates and negative impacts on their brand reputation due to slow page loads and performance.

Our goal was to improve performance of the site by enhancing site speed and overall loading time. We also set out to improve and optimize the code structure and provide a seamless browsing experience for their customers.

The Solution

Qode Space approached the Performance Project by following a structured plan. The key steps involved were as follows:

  1. Researching Speed Booster Apps:

Qode Space conducted extensive research on available speed booster apps compatible with the client's ecommerce platform (in this case, Shopify). The research entailed evaluating various options based on factors such as functionality, user reviews, compatibility, and cost. We then presented a comprehensive comparison report to the client, enabling them to make an informed decision in selecting the most suitable speed booster app.

  1. Code Optimization:

Once the speed booster app was selected, Qode Space’s web development team installed it and monitored it to make sure that it was working correctly; then the code optimization tasks began. The optimization process involved streamlining the codebase, deleting redundant and commented code, deferring scripts and render-blocking resources, updating rendering tags to align with Shopify's latest updates aimed at improving server-side resource consumption, deferring image loading using storage mechanisms that optimize resource delivery, and loading multimedia resources only when they are requested.

Through meticulous planning, the utilization of a speed booster app, and dedicated code optimization tasks, Qode Space successfully improved the performance score and site speed for The Comfy. The collaboration between the project manager and web development team played a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes within the specified timeline.

The significant improvements achieved in the Lighthouse Report and Shopify Speed Test scores showcased Qode Space’s expertise in optimizing ecommerce websites. The enhanced performance and site speed contributed to an improved user experience, potentially leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction for the client.

Overall, this case study exemplifies the value of strategic planning, research, and effective code optimization in resolving performance-related challenges and enhancing the online presence of an ecommerce business.